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دانلود مجموعه برنامه نویسی ویژوال استودیو Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate دانلود محیط برنامه نویسی دات‌نت Enterprise, Professional· Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC edition and Windows 10 S are not supported for development. You may use Visual Studio 2017 to build apps...

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The latest supported Visual C++ ... - Visual Studio 2008 reached end of support on April 10, 2018.To aid the discovery of the latest downloads, the links are retained currently, but may be removed in the future. Download the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (Installer).This is the latest Visual C++ service pack for Visual Studio 2008. Visual studio versio suitable for windows 7 -64 bit Hi All, Can anyone suggest me for downloading proper link to download VS that is suitable for windows 7 64 bit ASAP.Thanks in advance 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Frequently asked questions ...

Free. Windows. A part Visual Basic, le langage C++ peut aussi être utilisé pour concevoir des programmes visuels. Toutefois, les développeurs peuvent utiliser un tout autre logiciel de programmation. Ainsi, Visual C++ Express permet de concevoir des applications visuelles interactives.

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